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Albany Drug Rehab (518) 626-8504 Alcohol Treatment Centers

Medical Detox

One of the addiction treatment options that many people do not fully understand is medical detox.

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Albany Drug Rehab (518) 626-8504 Alcohol Treatment Centers

Addiction Treatment

Drug treatment centers offer a recovering addict the best possible chance at overcoming an addiction

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Albany Drug Rehab (518) 626-8504 Alcohol Treatment Centers

Addiction Rehab

When a person is addicted to alcohol, the best thing he or she can do to resolve the problem is get

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The predilection for drug use across all segments of society today generated extensive research into the complexities of addiction. Now, more than any other time in history, people’s lives are seriously affected by the use of both illicit and legally prescribed drugs. Although the shame of addiction has been marginally diminished by the reclassification of it as a brain disease, the stigma is often a hindrance to admitting the need for help from a facility like Albany Drug Rehab.

At Albany Drug Rehab, we recognize that patients and their loved ones need to understand the uncontrollable urge that drive people to use drugs. For most people in addiction, the threat of severe punishment or even death is insufficient to halt drug use. The medical professionals at Albany Drug Rehab, alleviate the distress people experience when they try to stop using drugs. Excessive cravings is one the main reasons most people stay stuck in the cycles of addiction.

Albany Drug Rehab welcome and treat adult patients struggling with substance abuse and behavioral addictions. We are a private Joint Commission accredited-facility providing evidence-based addiction treatment interventions. Through the integration of both holistic and conventional therapies we are able to provide a comprehensive treatment process that is uniquely personalized for every patient. As such, we establish a solid foundation for recovery and sustained sobriety.

Holistic treatment remedies include acupuncture, yoga, medication, art therapy, equine therapies, biofeedback and biosound to name a few. Conventional therapeutic services include 12-Step Programs, Individual, group and family therapy, Moral Reconation Therapy, SMART Recovery and pharmacological administration. These modalities are further augmented by various wellness programs that help patients to overcome addiction and achieve better health through proper nutrition exercise.

Treatment Options include:

  • Inpatient Medical Detox
  • Short and long term residential program
  • Intensive outpatient Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization

Overcoming addiction at Albany Drug Rehab occurs in a safe, comfortable environment that is designed to provide a homelike atmosphere. Here you will receive the highest quality care available for overcoming addiction today. Every patient is thoroughly assessed in order to facilitate an accurate diagnosis. Our philosophy is treatment for the whole person not just the addiction. As such, we seek to understand the extenuating circumstances surrounding addiction as well as the variables such as mental illness and environment that perpetuated it. Although recreational use is the most common reason people begin using drugs, in many instances, depression, unresolved trauma or grief can cause people to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. Still, others become addicted by using drugs prescribed to help manage pain.

Albany Drug Rehab is a safe haven where knowledgeable, qualified professionals help you to get your back on track. Albany residents can begin the process of recovery at our state of the art facility by calling us today at (518) 626-8504.

About Albany

Albany is the state capital of New York located just a few hours north of Manhattan. The city is one that many visitors head to and it is labeled a High Intensity Drug Trafficking area. As is the case with many High Drug Trafficking Areas there tends to be many in anguish from addiction because of the large availability of drugs. With proper addiction education and prevention programs city officials are working hard to eliminate drug distributers and help those suffering from substance abuse find treatment. Individuals who have developed dependence to alcohol and drugs can find help from Drug Rehab Albany and get the assistance they need to rebuild a healthy lifestyle.

Drug Treatment Centers in Albany NY

We can help you find a treatment center that meets your specific needs and get you started immediately.

820 River Street Inc
Address:9 Saint Josephs Terrace , Albany NY. 12210
City County : Albany
Hope House Inc
Address:261 North Pearl Street , Albany NY. 12207
City County : Albany
Promesa Inc
Address:175 Central Avenue 1st and 4th Floors, Albany NY. 12206
City County : Albany
Whitney M Young Jr Health Center Inc
Address:10 Dewitt Street , Albany NY. 12207
City County : Albany
Saint Peters `add`iction Recovery Center
Address:64 2nd Avenue , Albany NY. 12202
City County : Albany

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