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The Importance of Relapse Prevention in the Treatment Albany, NY

If there is not a relapse prevention plan in place, complete relapse is almost inevitable at this point. The person knows that they are spiraling out of control; however, they are completely powerless to do anything to stop it.

Once they begin using again, they have experienced complete relapse, and they are back where they started, meaning that all of the hard work that they invested in their recovery will have been wasted. It is important to understand how valuable a chance at sobriety is, because there are many who never see a second chance at recovery, making a good relapse prevention plan that much more valuable. Relapse prevention is so vital to the process of recovery, yet so many neglect it.

How do Relapses Happen?

It is important to understand how relapses work — they aren’t overnight occurrences. Instead, they follow a predictable path over a course of weeks. Friends and family who are alert to the way in which relapses develop can catch the process midway and help bring the patient to a relapse prevention program. Here are three steps that every relapse passes through.

  • Relapse at the emotional stage: When the relapse process first begins, patients do not find themselves liking towards drugs, all of a sudden. They simply find themselves losing their touch at life. They become less efficient, suffer from mood swings and panic attacks, and struggle with insomnia. When a relapse is caught at this stage, relapse prevention training can help put the patient’s recovery back on track.
  • Relapse at the mental stage: When relapse isn’t caught the emotional stage, it progresses to the mental stage. The patient begins actively daydreaming about drugs, and begins to forget why drugs are a bad idea. His behavior becomes more unpredictable with each passing day. Relapses can be effectively prevented this stage, too.
  • Relapse at the physical stage: Once a relapse reaches the physical stage, it can no longer be stopped with prevention techniques. The patient begins his substance abuse again. At this stage, patients need to check into rehab. However, when a relapse is caught early in this stage, the treatment offered can be quick and effective. The longer an addiction is allowed to run, the deeper it settles in.

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