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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Albany

When addiction to drugs or alcohol and a mental disorder occurs at the same time, it is known as dual diagnosis.  Studies show patients with this diagnosis are at a higher risk of relapsing if they do not receive the appropriate treatment during the addiction rehabilitation process.  

Dual diagnosis treatment in Albany is an innovative recovery model with successful outcomes in addressing the complexities presented by this condition. In research studies, dual diagnosis treatment showed significant improvements in the area of mental health, relapse rates and quality of life. The fiscal burden relevant to the costs of acute and sub-acute mental health, substance abuse and criminal activity on the health care and judicial systems were also reduced.

As such, this treatment model represents a breakthrough in addiction intervention that has changed the fate of thousands of addicts.  Sadly, many who would benefit from this type of treatment do not actually receive it.  Surveys from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration show that of the nine million adults in the United States who need this treatment, only 7.4% actually receive it.  And, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) patients with these comorbidities typically experience more severe and persistent symptoms when compared with those dealing with only one of these conditions at a time.

To learn more about how to get help for mental illness and addiction, contact dual diagnosis treatment centers in Albany today.

The Dual Diagnosis Treatment Process

The dual diagnosis treatment process is a comprehensive procedure that integrates both pharmacological and behavioral therapy to effect sustainable change.  The fundamental principle rest in ensuring that both the mental disorder and substance addiction are treated simultaneously.  As a result the Dual Diagnosis Treatment program encompasses a continuum of care that incorporates various evidence-based recovery processes.  

Depending on the type, duration and severity of the mental illness, an initial inpatient Hospitalization period may be recommended to protect the patient during the drug withdrawal process. Rehabilitation centers that offer dual diagnosis treatment are able to treat all aspects of this condition in the same location.  This has been shown to be the most successful approach for dual diagnosis patients.

The treatment process may entail:

  1. A thorough physical and psychiatric assessment
  2. The design of a customized treatment program based on the results of the patient’s assessment.
  3. Behavioral modification therapy. These may include both holistic and conventional treatment.
  4. Medication administration
  5. Relapse prevention education and training.
  6. Aftercare assistance.

The administration of dual diagnosis treatment requires highly qualified board certified clinicians who are able to provide both specialized and compassionate care.

If you or a loved one has been battling addiction and experienced one or more relapse following a period of abstinence, it may be time to consider being assessed for dual diagnosis treatment.  Call Albany drug rehab centers today to find out more about diagnostic assessment process to determine if an underlying mental disorder may be triggering or perpetuating addiction in your life.

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