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The truth about drug and alcohol addiction treatment and recovery is far different from what most people think. For example, not all addiction recovery programs for addiction treatment are the same even though many people assume that addiction recovery programs are universal.

What Are Addiction Recovery Programs?

Addiction recovery programs are sets of various treatments and therapies that are used together to help a person with an addiction to a drug, alcohol or multiple drugs. These programs are designed with several factors in mind. First, they must take into account the fact that people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are all different, and as such they have different needs in treatment and will respond to different programs and therapies.

With these factors in mind, treatment centers design their programs based upon various models of recovery that are used to give the program of recovery structure, proper sequencing, and of course a philosophy of treatment. These programs are meticulously planned.

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What Are Some Of The Models Of Recovery?

The different models of recovery are each unique and have significantly different focuses. Programs for addiction recovery most often do not just use one of these models exclusively but instead combine various models together to make the program more comprehensive. Some of the different models of recovery include:

Cognitive-Behavioral Model

In the cognitive-behavioral model of addiction recovery, the focus of treatment is on a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions or behaviors. The idea is to help the recovering understand how negative and problematic thoughts and feelings as well as behavior and routines/rituals can play into the addiction and trigger substance abuse. Once everything is identified, the focus can then shift to developing coping mechanisms and strategies to use to avoid relapse and substance abuse in the future.

Motivational Interviewing Model

The motivational interviewing model of addiction recovery focuses on the specific relationships between a recovering addict and his or her therapist(s). This is because this model of recovery is based on the idea that a distant and overly professional relationship between the therapist and patient can be detrimental to recovery. Instead, recovering addicts should feel as if their therapists are their ally in recovery. This alliance helps them feel as if they have more power and self-efficacy. They also will feel more responsible for their own achievements and work in the recovery program. Teaching patients to take charge and feel a sense of responsibility is important when they are finished with treatment and is completely in charge of maintaining their sobriety.

Motivational Incentives Model

The motivational incentives model of addiction recovery focuses on a person’s sense of reward and motivation. The reward centers in the brain often are greatly affected by addiction in that they are triggered by the presence of the substance in the body. As such, when the drug or alcohol is no longer being consumed, finding motivation and enthusiasm can be difficult. However, the motivational incentives model of addiction recovery provides recovering addicts with tangible reward options such as gift cards, food, and other objects for participating in and attending treatments and therapies. Receiving these rewards and even just working toward attaining those them can and will trigger the reward centers in the brain, helping the person become more motivated in recovery.

What Are Some Treatment Offerings?

  • Art Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Individual Therapy

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